Case Studies



For years Ivanhoe Cambridge relied on their Leasing Opportunity Book (LOB) as the tool of choice for their leasing professionals. This annually published book is expensive to produce, and, as with any book, becomes out of date once it is delivered to clients.

The client was interested in exploring ways to deliver the most up-to-date leasing information to their team, extend beyond the capabilities of a book format and lower long-term costs.


Marketlink proposed an interactive version of the LOB that provided dynamic listings, scalable property drawings, on-the-fly property information sheets and more.


IC Leasing is a popular alternative to the hard LOB, providing up to date data about leasing opportunities within Ivanhoe Cambridge's portfolio.

IC Leasing goes well beyond what a book can offer to give Ivanhoe Cambridge's leasing agents the edge they need in this competitive field.


Leasing agents, prospective clients, investors