Case Studies



More women die from heart disease and stroke than any other disease in Canada. The One Small Thing community was to serve as a vehicle to raise awareness and inspire women to take action against this deadly disease. The online community would provide a forum that would bring women together and engage key influencers to start a dialog about the cause within their circle of family and friends. A successful design would not only have to communicate the cause but it would also need to resonate with the target audience and provide women with the tools needed to pledge, share and keep track of the small things that they’re done to love their heart.


The online community that we developed for the client was primarily driven by short two-minute webisodes and large amounts of user generated content. Users could watch webisodes, engage in conversation, share their one small things, or pledge to love their heart. In short, there was a lot for the user to do – so it was important that information was presented as concisely as possible with a clear visual hierarchy. The design team had to have a clear understanding of the community’s complex workflow to ensure a positive experience for both regular and first time users. Several outside agencies were involved in the marketing and promotion of the community as well as the production of the webisodes. This required constant coordination of efforts and strong channels of communication between all involved. It was important that our design team ensured that the look and feel of the community was visually consistent with what was going on other channels and was a good fit with the Becel brand.


The community launched in February 2009 and represents the start of a movement. To date, there have been tens of thousands of visitors to the One Small Thing community and thousands of women have contributed to the community by pledging to love their hearts by doing one small thing at a time.


Women aged 35-54.